8 things you need to know before you travel to Indonesia.

When you are travelling to Asia, especially Indonesia, there are a lot of things you need to consider or at least know about it before you go. If you want to achieve a smooth, headache-free trip (and who doesn’t?), taking care of essential tasks, here are some list you need to know.

  1. Indonesian Currency is Rupiah it is one of the lowest values in the entire world. One US Dollar equals about 13,000 Rupiah. Don’t forget to exchange some money back in your country, because exchange money in the airport are most likely a rip off. But don’t worry! if you forgot about this there are still ATM you can use to withdraw some money.
  2. Though Indonesia only has 2 seasons (rainy and dry) it wouldn’t hurt to search more detailed about the weather, since every city has different kind of weather, some cities are colder than the other. This would also help you to pack your clothes wisely.
  3. Voltage and Adaptor. Countries have different size plugs and voltage. So bring Bring a universal charger adapter. Or a two-pin plug (round): Voltage: 230 V. Frequency: 50 Hz. Power sockets: type C / F.
  4. Data roaming. Set up your cell phone to avoid international data roaming. But data roaming can be super expensive if you use your existing SIM card, you can buy a local SIM at the airport that has been activated.
  5. Check your ATM/Credit Card with the bank that you want to use it in Indonesia and ask for bank emergency number
  6. Bring your own personal medicine just in case. And also do not drink the tap water as you are likely to get a tummy ache (etc).
  7. When you are traveling to Indonesia alone, you will use taxi once or twice since it is mor convenient especially if you don’t like to walk. Be careful there are all sorts of taxi scams. For example never take a taxi that doesn’t use a meter. If someone tries to get a fixed price for a taxi you need to avoid it. One of the safest taxi is BLUE BIRD. It is a blue color taxi with a bird logo (obviously). But these days, you can also use UBER or Grab applications as a substitute for taxi.
  8. Indonesia is largely Islamic when it comes to social etiquette, so most locals hold strong opinions on public displays of affection. Kissing and hugging between men and women in public is considered unacceptable by most.